Insights about tinder and online internet dating (longer thread)

Insights about tinder and online internet dating (longer thread)

About a year ago some buddies scraped 70k photos on tinder plus it ended up being reported months later on

They stated their particular goal would be to outdo the man that performed 40k and was reported in news reports some time ago.

Anyways, never to be outdone, I made a decision to scrape hundreds of thousands and create 2 TB value of data. We gathered several insights.

A factor we observed is when I ended up being scraping female and male pages at the same price, I was usually running out of brand-new female profiles to scrape whereas I never ever ran of men. We recognized that tinder user base is a lot like 99per cent men though their recognized rates say or else. Possibly for this reason the FTC is suing fit people for making fake women users?

After scraping about 250k women pages I generally couldn’t scrape so much more without working into substantial duplicates into the major towns and cities (bay area, Seattle, nyc, Chicago, LA, hillcrest). I’m sure there are many churn but there are tons of catfishes as well.

Elo hell: if an addresses ranking falls as well lowest it’ll end up in everything I name ELO hell, in which they basically returns the exact same referrals continually advertising nauseum. When this occurs to an account absolutely practically nothing you could do apart from delete they. We approximate you will find scores of guys stuck in elo hell so essentially from tinders attitude all these are typically great for is advertisement profits (lol). This can be just like obtaining trace banned, that may easily result as well. Continue reading “Insights about tinder and online internet dating (longer thread)”