The Japanese girlsa€™ label Ayaka suggests color, flower.

The Japanese girlsa€™ label Ayaka suggests color, flower.

Performer, songwriter, and record producer Ayaka done for an MTV Unplugged unique shortly before this lady pension due to Graves illness. But couple of years later on, she sensed well enough to resume the girl job.

19. Ayako

Ayako is made by combining the kanji for Aya indicating color, design, and Ko meaning son or daughter.

Another kanji that symbolizes the sound aya is actually cµ?, which has the meaning brilliant materials style, kimono design. Thus, this name often means brilliant material build, kimono design child.

20. Ayame

Ayame implies eye.

Iris sanguinea is actually a types of eye indigenous to Japan. The unbranched base develops to 90 centimeters large and creates between one and three flowers. The flowers include purple, purple-red, and violet to a rare white hue.

21. Ayane

The literal translation of Ayane try a colourful sounds.

Ayane are a figure within the inactive or Alive and Ninja Gaiden video gaming show. One of Temcoa€™s most widely used characters, Ayane, can be the mascots for Koei Tecmo.

22. Chiaki

Chiaki suggests a thousand autumns. Continue reading “The Japanese girlsa€™ label Ayaka suggests color, flower.”