Aldous Huxley, ‘The Collected Functions of Aldous Huxley’, 1957.

Aldous Huxley, ‘The Collected Functions of Aldous Huxley’, 1957.

Tunes About Introverts

Some tunes have already been discussed introverts so do not feeling kept by yourself. You can enjoy these good introvert music.

107. “But i am a creep

Exactly what the hell in the morning we doin’ here?

I do not belong here.”

108 . “i am finding a location

I am on the lookout for a face

Try anyone here I’m sure

‘Cause absolutely nothing’s going right

And every thing’s a mess

Without one loves to be by yourself.”

‘I’m With You’, Avril Lavigne, 2002.

109. “we walking a depressed street

The only one that You will find ever before known

Don’t know where it goes

But it is the home of me and I also walking by yourself.”

110. “Excuse me if I look only a little unimpressed with this

An antisocial pessimist but typically Really don’t mess with our

And I understand your imply just the best and

The intentions are not to make an effort us

But actually I’d somewhat end up being

Somewhere using my peoplea€¦”

‘Here’, Alessia Cara, 2015.

111. “whenever you comprise here before

Could not seem you inside attention

You are the same as an angel

The skin produces myself weep

You drift like a feather

In a lovely world.”

112. “there is a global in which i will get and determine my secrets to

In my space, inside my space

In this world We lock out all my personal fears and my personal fears

Inside my place, within my room.”

‘The Beach Boys’, 1963.

113. “There’s another world inside me that you could never see

Absolutely strategy within this lives that I can’t conceal

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