Tall praise: All of our 20 favorite weed comedies in history

Tall praise: All of our 20 favorite weed comedies in history

Its a stoned-cold fact: Marijuana might an integral part of a few of the most popular comedies for around 40 years. A few of the highest-caliber videos highlight the highest-possible figures — and sometimes the greatest readers people. See, its a joint work. Utilizing the 25th anniversary of “Dazed and perplexed” this month, we should read the the most popular weed comedies. Don’t get worried, this gallery was solely for therapeutic purposes.


Before there was clearly “Chappelle’s Show,” Dave Chappelle and Neal Brennan authored “half-baked,” the storyline of a janitor with his pothead friends that happen to be compelled to be pot retailers after one of these unintentionally eliminates a diabetic police pony. Chappelle performs the janitor and rapper Sir Smoka whole lot, plus the film services cameos from Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg and a pre-“Daily program” Jon Stewart. Yes, you might have observed this motion picture, but have your observed they — on weed?

“Pineapple Present”

“Pineapple present” knocked off of the on-screen pot-fueled bromance between Seth Rogen and James Franco

while they’d currently played stoner friends in cult television standard “Freaks And Geeks”. Rogen was a procedure host just who accidentally witnesses a murder and Franco is their kindly medication dealer which gets dragged inside mess. Facts get aggressive, a gang conflict breaks away, nevertheless important role is that everyone understands they’ve been close friends the whole opportunity. Continue reading “Tall praise: All of our 20 favorite weed comedies in history”